Employee Benefits Increase

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Free GIFT for YOU! NO-COST Life Insurance

Hey, I’m trying to make the world a better place and take one little worry out of people’s minds: protecting their families. I have a free GIFT for all who are interested: please help me spread the word out!
I have helped many friends and clients protect their families … Read more

Gap benefits to cover Obamacare high deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses

critical-illness-awareness-supplemental-insurance-octIf your ACA/ Obamacare health insurance has high deductibles and large out-of-pocket expenses, then you need


Supplemental insurance can help pay for … Read more

Your smartphone insurance plan is MORE EXPENSIVE than my life insurance plans. Wanna bet?

phone photoYou’re paying for insurance on your smartphone, right? Why? Because you don’t want to come up with money out of your pocket if you dropped your phone in the toilet or forgot it in the Uber ride from the … Read more

We’ll turn your DECLINED policy to APPROVED and ISSUED

Although we try to pre-check with our underwriters before we submit our clients applications, we do sometimes come across cases that end up being declined by the insurance companies. But before we go back to our client with bad news we do our homework and look for alternatives by finding other … Read more

MPI, PMI… what does it all mean? It’s about your mortgage

Many homeowners get confused when asked about their mortgage protection: some think they are protected, most don’t know. Chances are, your bank may be protected from a loss but your family may not.

There needs to be a clear distinction between two similar sounding “mortgage insurance” products: one protects the … Read more