Insurance Services

“Financial Guards” Insurance Brokerage helps find the LOWEST COST insurance policy for your needs, by comparing multiple insurance companies in the US with the best benefits.


  • Coverage for Individuals & Families
  • Coverage for Businesses



      • Term Life (temporary coverage for 10, 20, 30 years).
      • Whole Life / Universal Life (permanent, lifetime coverage).
      • Final Expense coverage – Guaranteed issue or underwritten plans.
      • Accident Life Insurance (low-cost life insurance coverage in case of accidents).
    • Income Protection / Disability Insurance (pays you a monthly income if you can’t work due to any illness or accident).
    • Mortgage Payment Protection (helps pay off mortgage in certain medical situations, or premature death).
    • Cancer & Critical Illness insurance benefits (lump-sum paid to you at first diagnosis of a covered major illness).
    • Health insurance:
      • Major medical & short-term medical plans.
      • Dental & Vision.
      • Tel-a-Doc (phone and online Dr. visits for a small fixed fee).
    • Medicare coverage:
      • Medicare health plans & Prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part C + D)
      • Medicare Supplements / MediGap
    • Long-Term Care
    • Annuities
    • Financial planning



    • Employee benefits package:
      • Life
      • Health
      • Disability
      • Vision
      • Dental
      • 401(k) / retirement plans
    • Business owners coverage:
      • Solo-401(k) for a single business owner.
      • Business Overhead Expense – pays monthly benefit to cover fixed business expenses (including employees’ salaries) in case of owner’s disability / inability to participate in the business due to health reasons. Best for physicians’ offices and other professionals that are actively involved and crucial for the revenue of their business.
      • Buy-Sell Agreements funding for LIFE & DISABILITY of the business partners
      • Key-Person LIFE & DISABILITY

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